Fu's Subcutaneous Needling (FSN)

What is FSN?

Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN), also called Floating Acupuncture (FA) is a new acupuncture technique which is invented by Chinese medical doctor, Dr Zhong-hua Fu in 1996. This acupuncture technique is by using a modified acupuncture needle to stimulate areas where nearby trigger points, or taut muscles, tightened muscles so as to treat musculoskeletal conditions and other conditions.


Normal or traditional acupuncture techniques involves by inserting needles to penetrating skin, subcutaneous and muscular tissues and then stimulating the points.   While FSN needle only penetrating to subcutaneous layer and stimulating on this layer. Therefore this technique has less pain and less sensation on the patents, however, it can produce an incredible pain relieving effect. For some acute pain condition, such as muscular and ligaments strains, tennis elbow, or acute back pain, it can have almost instant pain relieving results.

How does FSN work?

Tightened muscles (TM) and Myofascial Trigger Points (MTrPs), which are commonly associated with pain. Myofascial Trigger Points are described as hyperirritable spots in skeletal muscle that are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers. Spontaneous Electrical Activity(SEA), one of the MTrP features, can be recorded easily by electromyographers.


FSN needle is a disposable dry needle. The needle consists of a solid stainless-steel needle and a casing soft pipe. The needle is accurate delivered into subcutaneous level by an applicator device. Once the needle is in subcutaneous level, the needle tip is withdrawn and rest into the casting tube, then a left-right swipe manipulation, like windscreen swipe,  is performed. After few minutes manipulation, the tightened muscles will be relaxed and in most of cases, the pain caused by tightened muscles will decrease or disappear.


The subcutaneous layer can be twitched by mechanical forces, so FSN relieves pain fast and quickly than traditional acupuncture. Our patients describe the FSN as “magical needle”.


Based on Tightened Muscles theories, FSN has been extended to other medical conditions, such as chronic nonproductive dry cough, constipation, dizziness, weak bladder, periods pain, or avascular necrosis (AVN).

What conditions can FSN treat?


FSN can treat most of pain conditions with very good results. In fact, some conditions can be relieved almost instantly.



  • Severe pain caused by acute sprain/injury such as tendons and ligaments strain

  • Acute muscular strain, such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain


  • Tennis elbow

  • Shoulder pain/Frozen shoulder

  • Neck pain

  • Headache

  • Low back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Tendonitis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Trigeminal pain

  • Avascular Necrosis

  • Labyrinthitis

  • Weak bladder

Is FSN safe?


Absolutely, compare to traditional acupuncture technique, it is much safer as it only manipulating on subcutaneous layer. In fact, there is less pain and less sensation from patient (does not require de-qi- needling sensation) after insertion of needle. Our patients love it as it is almost pain free insertion and pain free manipulation.


However, as it is new technique and new concept to acupuncture, it is essential and required that an adequate training must be given. In UK, there are around 300 Chinese medical practitioners have gained training by us in this practice. So please do check the qualification of  your practitioners.


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